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​Rockwood curricula have been developed with extensive levels that provide direction for instruction.  To assist our school community, we have designed a curriculum site map that guides users through the information:


  1. Content Area: Start by navigating the 11 curricular areas that are the foundation of our curriculum. 
  2. Courses: Next, find sections for elementary, middle and high school courses.  Then, scroll through the grade levels and find the related course categories.  Click on the course title to find related information: course codes, prerequisites, assessments and textbook/resource information.
  3. Units: The third level includes full course details with related information.
  4. Unit Details/Standards: The final pages drill down to unit timelines, enduring understandings and the essential questions for each unit of​ study.  The related standards are outlined for the unit.

Elementary curriculum may be found on the Grade Levels tab.  Simply click on your specific elementary grade level. 

Middle and High school curriculum may be found on the Content Areas tab.  Click on this tab and scroll down to your secondary grade level.  Then, click on the course category or unit for more information.


​The curriculum site will evolve as new curricula is developed and maintained via our curriculum management schedule.  As the new curricula are approved by the Rockwood Board of Education, they will be uploaded to the new curriculum site.  If you have questions about a specific curriculum, please contact the content facilitator for that area.


​Each content area maintains a website with contact information - as well as specific programs, projects and events.  You'll find this information on the Courses: Level 2 tab.  Click on the Web Ad to be directed to the content department page.


​Yes.  Find this information under the  Content Area: Level 1 on the curriculum site map.  Please view the Unit Pacing Guide for a recommended schedule for the delivery of this curriculum.


Please locate the Grading and Reporting tab on the home page navigation bar.  Click on the grade level: elementary, middle or high school for specific grading information. 

Note: As new curricula is approved each year by our Board of Education, an assessment guide that includes specific grading and reporting information will accompany each new curriculum launch.  You'll find this course assessment information on the Course: Level 2 site.


Please direct your question to the content facilitator for the specific curricular area as noted below.  In addition, please contact Rockwood Curriculum for general information questions.