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Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding

The elementary administrators, classroom teachers and reading specialists of Rockwood School District believe all children:

  • Can and want to learn to read and write.
  • Will engage daily in reading, writing and conversing about text in all content areas.
  • Deserve precise instruction designed to guarantee growth.
  • Achieve the most growth through a systematic approach to literacy learning. (Follow the Continuum of Literacy Learning)
  • Will have access to quality literary and informational text at a variety of guided reading and interest levels.
  • Will be actively engaged in literacy learning in whole-group, small-group and individual settings.
  • Have an active role in the continually evolving learning process.

We believe all educators…

  • Should have a love for reading and want to share that love with children.
  • Want to learn and grow as teachers of reading and writing.
  • Deserve ongoing, meaningful and differentiated professional learning opportunities that are job embedded and designed to support instruction.
  • Use assessments to guide instruction for each learner.
  • Understand reading builds writing and writing builds reading.
  • Integrate word study, grammar, handwriting, speaking and listening to enhance and reinforce language and literacy learning.
  • Identify and implement high quality interventions for all learners based on student data.
    Collaborate to align and maintain the integrity of interventions.
  • Teach, prompt and reinforce reading and writing strategies in all content areas.
Program Understanding

Enduring Understandings for Reading

  • Readers make meaning from text.
  • Readers understand that authors use literary elements and techniques to convey meaning.
  • Readers evaluate and analyze text structures to make meaning.
  • Readers make meaning from appropriately leveled text.

Enduring Understandings for Writing

  • Writers compose for a variety of audiences and purposes.
  • Writers create and share their writing.
  • Writers use a variety of sources to enhance their writing.
  • Writers strengthen their craft through practice.

Enduring Understandings for Speaking and Listening

  • Listeners make meaning from the spoken word.
  • Speakers share information to a variety of audiences for specific purposes.

Enduring Understandings for Language

  • Writers and speakers use appropriate English.
  • Writers and speakers use language to convey meaning.
  • Writers and speakers use language to enhance meaning.
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(28)
GRDLA000Kindergarten English Language Arts
GRDLA001First Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA002Second Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA003Third Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA004Fourth Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA005Fifth Grade English Language Arts
GRDMA100Kindergarten Math
GRDMA101First Grade Math
GRDMA102Second Grade Math
GRDMA103Third Grade Math
GRDMA104Fourth Grade Math
GRDMA105Fifth Grade Math
GRDSC100Kindergarten Science
GRDSC101First Grade Science
GRDSC102Second Grade Science
GRDSC103Third Grade Science
GRDSC104Fourth Grade Science
GRDSC105Fifth Grade Science
GRDSS000Kindergarten Social Studies
GRDSS001First Grade Social Studies
GRDSS002Second Grade Social Studies
GRDSS003Third Grade Social Studies
GRDSS004Fourth Grade Social Studies
GRDSS005Fifth Grade Social Studies
LIB001Library Media 1-3
LIB004Library Media 4-5
LIB00KLibrary Media Kindergarten
SE000013English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) K-5
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(6)
GRD00010Kindergarten Art
GRD00013First Grade Art
GRD00016Second Grade Art
SGRD00019Third Grade Art
SGRD00022Fourth Grade Art
SGRD00025Fifth Grade Art
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(9)
GRD00012Kindergarten Vocal/General Music
GRD00015First Grade Vocal/General Music
GRD00018Second Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00021Third Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00024Fourth Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00027Fifth Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRDOR03Third Grade Violin
SGRDOR04Fourth Grade Orchestra
SGRDOR05Fifth Grade Orchestra
collapse Course Category : Physical Education ‎(6)
GRD00011Kindergarten Physical Education
GRD00014First Grade Physical Education
GRD00017Second Grade Physical Education
SGRDPE20Third Grade Physical Education
SGRDPE23Fourth Grade Physical Education
SGRDPE26Fifth Grade Physical Education
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(42)
LIB006Library Media 6-8
MEL00002English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 6-8
MFL00007Sixth Grade Introduction to French
MFL00008Sixth Grade Introduction to German
MFL00009Sixth Grade Introduction to Spanish
MFL00010/MFL00011Seventh Grade French 1
MFL00012/MFL00013Eighth Grade French 1
MFL00020MFL00021Seventh Grade German 1
MFL00022/MFL00023Eighth Grade German 1
MFL00030/MFL00031Seventh Grade Spanish 1
MFL00032/MFL00033Eighth Grade Spanish 1
MLA00023/MLA00024Sixth Grade English Language Arts
MLA00025MLA00026Seventh Grade English Language Arts
MLA00027/MLA00028Eighth Grade English Language Arts
MLA00029/MLA00030Sixth Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00031/MLA00032Seventh Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00033/MLA00034Eighth Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00041/MLA00042Sixth Grade Compacted Challenge Language Arts
MLA00043/MLA00044Sixth Grade Academic Stretch
MLA00045/MLA00046Seventh Grade Compacted Challenge Language Arts
MLA00047/MLA00048Seventh Grade Academic Stretch
MLA00049/MLA00050Eighth Grade Compacted Challenge Language Arts
MLA00051/MLA00052Eighth Grade Academic Stretch
MMA00024/MMA00025Eighth Grade Algebra 1
MMA00028/MMA00029Eighth Grade Honors Geometry
MMA00080/MMA00081Math 6
MMA00082/MMA00083Math 7
MMA00084/MMA00085Math 8
MMA00090/MMA00091Integrated Math 6/7
MMA00092/MMA00093Integrated Math 7/8
MSC00015/MSC00016Sixth Grade Life Science
MSC00017/MSC00018Sixth Grade Challenge Life Science
MSC00019/MSC00020Seventh Grade Earth and Space Science
MSC00021/MSC00022Seventh Grade Challenge Earth and Space Science
MSC00023/MSC00024Eighth Grade Physical Science
MSC00025/MSC00026Eighth Grade Challenge Physical Science
MSS00007/MSS00008Sixth Grade World History
MSS00009/MSS00010Sixth Grade Challenge World History
MSS00011/MSS00012Seventh Grade World Geography
MSS00013/MSS00014Seventh Grade Challenge World Geography
MSS00015/MSS00016Eighth Grade United States History
MSS00017/MSS00018Eighth Grade Challenge United States History
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(7)
MAR00007Sixth Grade Art Studio
MAR00008Sixth Grade Design Studio
MAR00009Seventh Grade Art Studio
MAR00010Seventh Grade Design Studio
MAR00011Eighth Grade Art Studio
MAR00012Eighth Grade Design Studio
MAR00013/MAR00014Eighth Grade Art Fundamentals
collapse Course Category : Business Education ‎(3)
MBS00010Digital Ignition Sixth Grade
MBS00020Ignite Business Design Seventh Grade
MBS00030Business Launch Eighth Grade
collapse Course Category : Family and Consumer Science ‎(4)
MFC00010Sixth Grade Exploring FACS Life Skills
MFC00011Seventh Grade FACS Life Skills 1
MFC00013Eighth Grade FACS Life Skills 1
MFC00015Eighth Grade FACS Life Skills 2
collapse Course Category : Industrial and Engineering Technology ‎(10)
MIT00004Sixth Grade Exploring Materials Processing (LSMS Only)
MIT00005Seventh Grade Investigating Materials Processing (LSMS Only)
MIT00006Eighth Grade Materials Processing (LSMS Only)
MIT00007Sixth Grade Gateway to Technology
MIT00007Sixth Grade STEM Explorations
MIT00008Seventh Grade 3D Design and Modeling
MIT00020Eighth Grade Multimedia and Electronics
MIT00020Eighth Grade Automation and Robotics
MIT00022Seventh Grade Computer Science 1: App and Game Development
MIT00023Eighth Grade Computer Science 1: App and Game Development
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(12)
MMU00017/MMU00018Sixth Grade Treble Choir
MMU00019/MMU00020Seventh Grade Treble Choir
MMU00021/MMU00022Eighth Grade Treble Choir
MMU00023/MMU00024Sixth Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00025/MMU00026Seventh Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00027/MMU00028Eighth Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00029/MMU00030Sixth Grade Beginning Band
MMU00031/MMU00032Seventh Grade Cadet Band
MMU00033/MMU00034Eighth Grade Concert Band
MMU00035/MMU00036Sixth Grade Intermediate Orchestra
MMU00037/MMU00038Seventh Grade Cadet Orchestra
MMU00039/MMU00040Eighth Grade Concert Orchestra
collapse Course Category : Physical Education ‎(3)
MPE00004/MPE00005Sixth Grade Physical Education/Health
MPE00006/MPE00007Seventh Grade Physical Education/Health
MPE00008/MPE00009Eighth Grade Physical Education/Health
collapse Course Category : Theatre Arts ‎(6)
MDR00002Eighth Grade Theatre Arts
MDR00002Eighth Grade Theatre Arts Workshop
MDR00003Seventh Grade Theatre Arts Workshop
MDR00004Eighth Grade Theatre Arts Studio
MDR00005Sixth Grade Introduction to Theatre Arts
MSP00001Eighth Grade Introduction to Public Speaking
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(115)
EL001/EL002Study Hall
EL004First Aid/Responding to Emergencies
EL005Community Service
EL006/EL007Cadet Teaching Program
EL012/EL013Office Aide
EL020Driver Education
EL059Introduction to Classical Mythology
EL060Classical Roots
EL080Freshman Seminar
EL095/EL096English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) 9-12
FL001/FL002French 1
FL003/FL004French 2
FL005/FL006CC French 3
FL007/FL008WG/CC French 4
FL009/FL010WG/CC French 5
FL011/FL012WG/CC AP French Language and Culture
FL013/FL014German 1
FL015/FL016German 2
FL017/FL018CC German 3
FL019/FL020WG/CC German 4
FL021/FL022WG/CC German 5
FL023/FL024Latin 1
FL025/FL026Latin 2
FL027/FL028CC Latin 3
FL029/FL030WG/CC Latin 4
FL031/FL032Spanish 1
FL033/FL034Spanish 2
FL035/FL036CC Spanish 3
FL037/FL038WG/CC Spanish 4
FL039/FL040WG/CC AP Spanish 5 Language and Culture
FL045/FL046WG/CC AP German Language and Culture
FL055/FL056American Sign Language 1
FL059/FL060WG/CC AP Latin
FL061/FL062CC Ancient Greek 1
FL063/FL064CC Ancient Greek 2
FL067/FL068American Sign Language 2
HE001Health Education
LA001/LA002WG AP English-Language & Composition
LA003/LA004WG AP English-Literature & Composition
LA007CC Senior Composition
LA009/LA010CC Senior British And World Literature
LA015Creative Writing
LA017/LA01809 Accelerated English Language Arts
LA019/LA02010 Accelerated English Language Arts
LA021/LA022Language, Communication, & Composition 1
LA023/LA024Language, Communication, & Composition 2
LA025/LA02609 English Language Arts
LA027/LA02810 English Language Arts
LA029/LA030Eleventh Grade English Language Arts
LA033/LA034/EL028/EL02909 English Language Arts RE
LA035/LA036/EL030/EL03110 English Language Arts RE
LA037Senior Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop
LA048/LA04909 WG Advanced English Language Arts Research Presentation
LA050/LA05110 WG Advanced English Language Arts Research Presentation
LA052Journalism Writing and Reporting
LA053Sports Literature and Writing
LA054Multicultural Literature
LA055Science Fiction Literature
LIB009Library Media 9-12
MA003/MA004Algebra 1
MA005/MA006Algebra 2
MA007CC Algebra 3
MA008/MA009WG Honors Algebra 2
MA014/MA015WG AP Statistics
MA016Finite Math
MA024/MA025WG Precalculus
MA043/MA044WG AP Calculus AB
MA050/MA051Algebraic Geometry
MA054/MA055WG AP Calculus BC
MA056Math in Careers
MA060Consumer Math
MA065/MA066WG Honors Geometry
MAC017/MAC018Geometry-Geometry in Construction
MMA003/MMA004Algebra 1-AMPED (Algebra, Manufacturing, Production, Entrepreneurship and Design)
SC013/SC014Human Anatomy and Physiology
SC019/SC020Physical Science
SC031/SC032WG AP Advanced Physics
SC033/SC034WG AP Biology
SC035/SC036WG AP Chemistry
SC039/SC040WG AP Physics 1
SC041/SC042WG AP Physics 2
SC049/SC050WG Authentic Science Research 1
SC055/SC056WG Concepts of Semi-Micro Qualitative Analysis & Organic Chemistry
SC057/SC058WG Authentic Science Research 2
SC059/SC060WG Authentic Science Research 3
SC063/SC064Honors Biology
SC100/SC101Honors Chemistry
SC102/SC103WG AP Environmental Science
SC104Forensic Science
SC105/SC106Authentic Applications of Biochemistry
SC120/SC121Environmental Science
SS001/SS002WG AP European History
SS003/SS004WG AP Government
SS005/SS006WG AP Psychology
SS007/SS008WG AP United States History
SS011Civil War and Reconstruction
SS012Contemporary Issues
SS020Law and Justice
SS021Politics and Conflict in the Modern World
SS029United States Government
SS033/SS034World History
SS039/SS040WG AP World History
SS041Economics and Personal Finance
SS042/SS043WG AP Economics and Personal Finance
SS046/SS047United States History
SS050/SS051WG Honors United States History
SS060/SS061WG AP Human Geography
collapse Course Category : Aerospace Science ‎(4)
AS020/AS021Aerospace Science 1
AS022/AS023Aerospace Science 2
AS024/AS025Aerospace Science 3
AS026/AS027Aerospace Science 4
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(17)
AR001/AR002WG AP Art History
AR004/AR005WG AP Art Studio 1
AR006/AR007WG AP Art Studio 2
AR025World Art
AR026Art Fundamentals
AR027Drawing 1
AR028Drawing 2
AR029Painting 1
AR030Painting 2
AR031Sculpture 1
AR032Sculpture 2
AR033Graphic Design 1
AR034Graphic Design 2
AR035Ceramics 1
AR036Ceramics 2
AR037Photography 1
AR038Photography 2
collapse Course Category : Business Education ‎(12)
BMA001/BMA002Business Management Processes
BS001/BS002Accounting (AC)
BS008Business Management and Entrepreneurship
BS010Sports & Entertainment Management
BS012Computer Applications for Business (AC)
BS013Multimedia Communications
BS025Personal Finance and Business
BS030Creating Career Success
BS034Graphic Media Communications
BS042Web Design and Communication
BS045Business Essentials
BS047Entrepreneur Accelerator
collapse Course Category : Business Internship - Cooperative Career Education ‎(1)
BI001/BI002/BI003/BI004Business Internship/Cooperative Career Education (CCE)
collapse Course Category : Computer Science ‎(7)
CO005Computer Networking Essentials
CO010/CO011WG AP Computer Science
CO012/CO013WG Computer Programming C++
CO015Introduction to Programming
CO018Website Programming and Development
CO020Fundamentals of App and Game Development
CO030Technical Support and Service
collapse Course Category : Family and Consumer Science ‎(16)
FC008Housing & Interior Design
FC011Child Development 1 (AC)
FC012Child Development 2 (AC)
FC013Personal Finance
FC014Family Relations
FC023Culinary Arts 1 (AC)
FC025Fashion Design and Merchandising
FC026Life After High School
FC028Culinary Arts 2 (AC)
FC052Food Fundamentals
FC053Food Science
FC054Baking and Pastry Arts
FC055Regional and World Cuisine
FC056Fashion Fundamentals 1
FC057Fashion Fundamentals 2
FC058Advanced Creative Fashion
collapse Course Category : Industrial and Engineering Technology ‎(7)
IT006Metal Processes
IT015Wood Processes 1
IT016/IT017Wood Processes 2
IT020Drafting 1
IT021Drafting 2
IT051Architectural Drafting 1
collapse Course Category : Journalism ‎(5)
PB002/PB003News Production
PB004/PB005Yearbook Production
PB010Visual Journalism
SP017/SP018Introduction to Digital Media Production
SP204/SP205Digital Media Production
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(22)
MU003Guitar 1
MU004Guitar 2
MU005/MU006Bass Choir
MU009/MU010Chamber Orchestra
MU011/MU012Concert Band
MU015/MU016Beginning Orchestra
MU017/MU018Sinfonia Orchestra
MU022/MU023Jazz Band
MU034/MU035Show Choir
MU036/MU037Symphonic Band
MU038/MU039Symphonic Orchestra
MU048/MU049Treble Chorale
MU050/MU051Concert Orchestra
MU054/MU055Mixed Choir
MU056/MU057Treble Choir
MU058/MU059WG AP Music Theory
MU060/MU061Concert Chorale
MU062/MU063Mixed Chamber Choir
MU064/MU065Treble Chamber Choir
MU066/MU067Bass Chorale
MU068/MU069Bass Chamber Choir
MU070/MU071Guitar Ensemble
collapse Course Category : Physical Education ‎(10)
PE001Advanced Aquatic Skills & Lifeguard Training
PE002/PE022Advanced Strength Training
PE003Total Body Wellness
PE004Basic Aquatic Skills
PE005Beginning Strength Training
PE008Lifetime Activities/Outdoor Adventures
PE009Team Sports
PE025Personal Fitness & Wellness
PE027PE Mentors / Moving Together
PE029Sports and Fitness
collapse Course Category : PLTW Biomedical Science ‎(4)
IT060/IT061CC Principles of Biomedical Sciences
IT062/IT063CC Human Body Systems
IT072/IT073WG/CC Medical Interventions
IT074/IT075WG/CC Biomedical Innovations
collapse Course Category : PLTW Pre-Engineering ‎(7)
IT035/IT036WG/CC Digital Electronics (AC)
IT037/IT038WG/CC Computer Integrated Manufacturing (AC)
IT039/IT040WG/CC Introduction to Engineering Design (AC)
IT041/IT042WG/CC Principles of Engineering (AC)
IT045/IT046WG/CC Engineering Design & Development (AC)
IT056/IT057WG/CC Civil Engineering and Architecture (AC)
IT058/IT059WG/CC Aerospace Engineering (AC)
collapse Course Category : Project Interface ‎(1)
EL021/EL022Project Interface
collapse Course Category : Speech and Debate ‎(8)
SP001Oral Communication
SP004Debate 1
SP005Introduction to Speech Communication
SP007Public Speaking
SP009Competitive Speaking 1
SP010Competitive Speaking 2
SP015/SP016Radio Production
SP021Debate 2
collapse Course Category : Theatre Arts ‎(6)
DR020Acting 1
DR021Acting 2
DR022Tech Theatre 1
DR023Tech Theatre 2
DR024Studio Directing
DR025Advanced Studio Theatre