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Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Pacing Guide
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Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Business Education ‎(3)
MBS00010Digital Ignition Sixth Grade
MBS00020Ignite Business Design Seventh Grade
MBS00030Business Launch Eighth Grade
collapse Course Category : Family and Consumer Science ‎(4)
MFC00010Sixth Grade Exploring FACS Life Skills
MFC00011Seventh Grade FACS Life Skills 1
MFC00013Eighth Grade FACS Life Skills 1
MFC00015Eighth Grade FACS Life Skills 2
collapse Course Category : Industrial and Engineering Technology ‎(11)
MIT00004Sixth Grade Exploring Materials Processing (LSMS Only)
MIT00005Seventh Grade Investigating Materials Processing (LSMS Only)
MIT00006Eighth Grade Materials Processing (LSMS Only)
MIT00007Sixth Grade Gateway to Technology
MIT00007Sixth Grade STEM Explorations
MIT00008Seventh Grade Robotics and Modeling
MIT00008Seventh Grade 3D Design and Modeling
MIT00020Eighth Grade Multimedia and Electronics
MIT00020Eighth Grade Automation and Robotics
MIT00022Seventh Grade Computer Science 1: App and Game Development
MIT00023Eighth Grade Computer Science 1: App and Game Development
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Aerospace Science ‎(4)
AS020/AS021Aerospace Science 1
AS022/AS023Aerospace Science 2
AS024/AS025Aerospace Science 3
AS026/AS027Aerospace Science 4
collapse Course Category : Business Education ‎(12)
BMA001/BMA002Business Management Processes
BS001/BS002Accounting (AC)
BS008Business Management and Entrepreneurship
BS010Sports & Entertainment Management
BS012Computer Applications for Business (AC)
BS013Multimedia Communications
BS025Personal Finance and Business
BS030Creating Career Success
BS034Graphic Media Communications
BS042Web Design and Communication
BS045Business Essentials
BS047Entrepreneur Accelerator
collapse Course Category : Business Internship - Cooperative Career Education ‎(1)
BI001/BI002/BI003/BI004Business Internship/Cooperative Career Education (CCE)
collapse Course Category : Computer Science ‎(7)
CO005Computer Networking Essentials
CO010/CO011WG AP Computer Science
CO012/CO013WG Computer Programming C++
CO015Introduction to Programming
CO018Website Programming and Development
CO020Fundamentals of App and Game Development
CO030/CO031Technical Support and Service
collapse Course Category : Family and Consumer Science ‎(16)
FC008Housing & Interior Design
FC011Child Development 1 (AC)
FC012Child Development 2 (AC)
FC013Personal Finance
FC014Family Relations
FC023Culinary Arts 1 (AC)
FC025Fashion Design and Merchandising
FC026Life After High School
FC028Culinary Arts 2 (AC)
FC052Food Fundamentals
FC053Food Science
FC054Baking and Pastry Arts
FC055Regional and World Cuisine
FC056Fashion Fundamentals 1
FC057Fashion Fundamentals 2
FC058Advanced Creative Fashion
collapse Course Category : Industrial and Engineering Technology ‎(7)
IT006Metal Processes
IT015Wood Processes 1
IT016/IT017Wood Processes 2
IT020Drafting 1
IT021Drafting 2
IT051Architectural Drafting 1
collapse Course Category : Journalism ‎(5)
PB002/PB003News Production
PB004/PB005Yearbook Production
PB010Visual Journalism
SP017/SP018Introduction to Digital Media Production
SP204/SP205Digital Media Production
collapse Course Category : PLTW Biomedical Science ‎(4)
IT060/IT061CC Principles of Biomedical Sciences
IT062/IT063CC Human Body Systems
IT072/IT073WG/CC Medical Interventions
IT074/IT075WG/CC Biomedical Innovations
collapse Course Category : PLTW Pre-Engineering ‎(7)
IT035/IT036WG/CC Digital Electronics (AC)
IT037/IT038WG/CC Computer Integrated Manufacturing (AC)
IT039/IT040WG/CC Introduction to Engineering Design (AC)
IT041/IT042WG/CC Principles of Engineering (AC)
IT045/IT046WG/CC Engineering Design & Development (AC)
IT056/IT057WG/CC Civil Engineering and Architecture (AC)
IT058/IT059WG/CC Aerospace Engineering (AC)
collapse Course Category : Project Interface ‎(1)
EL021/EL022Project Interface