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Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(6)
GRDLA000Kindergarten English Language Arts
GRDLA001First Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA002Second Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA003Third Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA004Fourth Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA005Fifth Grade English Language Arts
Pacing Guide
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MLA00023Sixth Grade English Language Arts
MLA00025Seventh Grade English Language Arts
MLA00027Eighth Grade English Language Arts
MLA00029Sixth Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00031Seventh Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00033Eighth Grade Challenge English Language Arts
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(24)
LA001/LA002WG AP English-Language & Composition
LA003/LA004WG AP English-Literature & Composition
LA005/LA006CC Senior British and World Literature-Flexible
LA007CC Senior Composition
LA008CC Senior Composition - Flexible
LA009/LA010CC Senior British And World Literature
LA015Creative Writing
LA017/LA018Honors Ninth Grade English Language Arts
LA019/LA020Honors Tenth Grade English Language Arts
LA021/LA022Language, Communication, & Composition 1
LA023/LA024Language, Communication, & Composition 2
LA025/LA026Ninth Grade English Language Arts
LA027/LA028Tenth Grade English Language Arts
LA029/LA030Eleventh Grade English Language Arts
LA031/LA032Eleventh Grade English Language Arts – Flexible
LA033/LA034Literature, Composition and Reading Strategies 1
LA035/LA036Literature, Composition, and Reading Strategies 2
LA037Senior Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop
LA048/LA049WG Advanced English Language Arts Research/Presentation 1
LA050/LA051WG Advanced English Language Arts Research/Presentation 2
LA052Journalism Writing and Reporting
LA053Sports Literature and Writing
LA054Multicultural Literature
LA055Science Fiction Literature
collapse Course Category : Speech and Debate ‎(12)
SP001Advanced Oral Communication
SP005Oral Communication
SP007Public Speaking
SP009Competitive Speaking 1
SP010Competitive Speaking 2
SP015/SP016Radio Production
SP017Introduction to Digital Media
SP200/SP201Video Production
SP204/SP205Digital Media Production
SP250/SP251Radio Production 1
SP252/SP253Radio Production 2