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The elementary administrators, classroom teachers and reading specialists of Rockwood School District believe all children:

  • Can and want to learn to read and write.
  • Will engage daily in reading, writing and conversing about text in all content areas.
  • Deserve precise instruction designed to guarantee growth.
  • Achieve the most growth through a systematic approach to literacy learning. (Follow the Continuum of Literacy Learning)
  • Will have access to quality literary and informational text at a variety of guided reading and interest levels.
  • Will be actively engaged in literacy learning in whole-group, small-group and individual settings.
  • Have an active role in the continually evolving learning process.

We believe all educators…

  • Should have a love for reading and want to share that love with children.
  • Want to learn and grow as teachers of reading and writing.
  • Deserve ongoing, meaningful and differentiated professional learning opportunities that are job embedded and designed to support instruction.
  • Use assessments to guide instruction for each learner.
  • Understand reading builds writing and writing builds reading.
  • Integrate word study, grammar, handwriting, speaking and listening to enhance and reinforce language and literacy learning.
  • Identify and implement high quality interventions for all learners based on student data.
    Collaborate to align and maintain the integrity of interventions.
  • Teach, prompt and reinforce reading and writing strategies in all content areas.
Program Understanding

Enduring Understandings for Reading

  • Readers make meaning from text.
  • Readers understand that authors use literary elements and techniques to convey meaning.
  • Readers evaluate and analyze text structures to make meaning.
  • Readers make meaning from appropriately leveled text.

Enduring Understandings for Writing

  • Writers compose for a variety of audiences and purposes.
  • Writers create and share their writing.
  • Writers use a variety of sources to enhance their writing.
  • Writers strengthen their craft through practice.

Enduring Understandings for Speaking and Listening

  • Listeners make meaning from the spoken word.
  • Speakers share information to a variety of audiences for specific purposes.

Enduring Understandings for Language

  • Writers and speakers use appropriate English.
  • Writers and speakers use language to convey meaning.
  • Writers and speakers use language to enhance meaning.
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(6)
GRDLA000Kindergarten English Language Arts
GRDLA001First Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA002Second Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA003Third Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA004Fourth Grade English Language Arts
GRDLA005Fifth Grade English Language Arts
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(12)
MLA00023/MLA00024Sixth Grade English Language Arts
MLA00025MLA00026Seventh Grade English Language Arts
MLA00027/MLA00028Eighth Grade English Language Arts
MLA00029/MLA00030Sixth Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00031/MLA00032Seventh Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00033/MLA00034Eighth Grade Challenge English Language Arts
MLA00041/MLA00042Sixth Grade Compacted Challenge Language Arts
MLA00043/MLA00044Sixth Grade Academic Stretch
MLA00045/MLA00046Seventh Grade Compacted Challenge Language Arts
MLA00047/MLA00048Seventh Grade Academic Stretch
MLA00049/MLA00050Eighth Grade Compacted Challenge Language Arts
MLA00051/MLA00052Eighth Grade Academic Stretch
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category :  ‎(21)
LA001/LA002WG AP English-Language & Composition
LA003/LA004WG AP English-Literature & Composition
LA007CC Senior Composition
LA009/LA010CC Senior British And World Literature
LA015Creative Writing
LA017/LA01809 Accelerated English Language Arts
LA019/LA02010 Accelerated English Language Arts
LA021/LA022Language, Communication, & Composition 1
LA023/LA024Language, Communication, & Composition 2
LA025/LA02609 English Language Arts
LA027/LA02810 English Language Arts
LA029/LA030Eleventh Grade English Language Arts
LA033/LA034/EL028/EL02909 English Language Arts RE
LA035/LA036/EL030/EL03110 English Language Arts RE
LA037Senior Reader’s/Writer’s Workshop
LA048/LA04909 WG Advanced English Language Arts Research Presentation
LA050/LA05110 WG Advanced English Language Arts Research Presentation
LA052Journalism Writing and Reporting
LA053Sports Literature and Writing
LA054Multicultural Literature
LA055Science Fiction Literature
collapse Course Category : Speech and Debate ‎(8)
SP001Oral Communication
SP004Debate 1
SP005Introduction to Speech Communication
SP007Public Speaking
SP009Competitive Speaking 1
SP010Competitive Speaking 2
SP015/SP016Radio Production
SP021Debate 2