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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Instructions: Rockwood courses include sections for elementary, middle and high school courses.

  • Scroll through the grade levels and find the related course categories. 
  • Click on the course title to find related information: course codes, prerequisites and textbook/resource information. 
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Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Program Understanding
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(6)
GRD00010Kindergarten Art
GRD00013First Grade Art
GRD00016Second Grade Art
SGRD00019Third Grade Art
SGRD00022Fourth Grade Art
SGRD00025Fifth Grade Art
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(9)
GRD00012Kindergarten Vocal/General Music
GRD00015First Grade Vocal/General Music
GRD00018Second Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00021Third Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00024Fourth Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00027Fifth Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRDOR03Third Grade Violin
SGRDOR04Fourth Grade Orchestra
SGRDOR05Fifth Grade Orchestra
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(7)
MAR00007Sixth Grade Art Studio
MAR00008Sixth Grade Design Studio
MAR00009Seventh Grade Art Studio
MAR00010Seventh Grade Design Studio
MAR00011Eighth Grade Art Studio
MAR00012Eighth Grade Design Studio
MAR00013/MAR00014Eighth Grade Art Fundamentals
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(12)
MMU00017/MMU00018Sixth Grade Treble Choir
MMU00019/MMU00020Seventh Grade Treble Choir
MMU00021/MMU00022Eighth Grade Treble Choir
MMU00023/MMU00024Sixth Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00025/MMU00026Seventh Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00027/MMU00028Eighth Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00029/MMU00030Sixth Grade Beginning Band
MMU00031/MMU00032Seventh Grade Cadet Band
MMU00033/MMU00034Eighth Grade Concert Band
MMU00035/MMU00036Sixth Grade Intermediate Orchestra
MMU00037/MMU00038Seventh Grade Cadet Orchestra
MMU00039/MMU00040Eighth Grade Concert Orchestra
collapse Course Category : Theatre Arts ‎(5)
MDR00002Eighth Grade Theatre Arts
MDR00002Eighth Grade Theatre Arts Workshop
MDR00003Seventh Grade Theatre Arts Workshop
MDR00004Eighth Grade Theatre Arts Studio
MDR00005Sixth Grade Introduction to Theatre Arts
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(17)
AR001S/AR002SWG AP Art History
AR004S/AR005SWG AP Art Studio 1
AR006S/AR007SWG AP Art Studio 2
AR025SWorld Art
AR026SArt Fundamentals
AR027SDrawing 1
AR028SDrawing 2
AR029SPainting 1
AR030SPainting 2
AR031SSculpture 1
AR032SSculpture 2
AR033SGraphic Design 1
AR034SGraphic Design 2
AR035SCeramics 1
AR036SCeramics 2
AR037SPhotography 1
AR038SPhotography 2
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(22)
MU003SGuitar 1
MU004SGuitar 2
MU005S/MU006SBass Choir
MU009S/MU010SChamber Orchestra
MU011S/MU012SConcert Band
MU015S/MU016SBeginning Orchestra
MU017S/MU018SSinfonia Orchestra
MU022S/MU023SJazz Band
MU034S/MU035SShow Choir
MU036S/MU037SSymphonic Band
MU038S/MU039SSymphonic Orchestra
MU048S/MU049STreble Chorale
MU050S/MU051SConcert Orchestra
MU054S/MU055SMixed Choir
MU056S/MU057STreble Choir
MU058S/MU059SWG AP Music Theory
MU060S/MU061SConcert Chorale
MU062S/MU063SMixed Chamber Choir
MU064S/MU065STreble Chamber Choir
MU066S/MU067SBass Chorale
MU068S/MU069SBass Chamber Choir
MU070S/MU071SGuitar Ensemble
collapse Course Category : Theatre Arts ‎(6)
DR020SActing 1
DR021SActing 2
DR022STech Theatre 1
DR023STech Theatre 2
DR024SStudio Directing
DR025SAdvanced Studio Theatre