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Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(6)
GRD00010Kindergarten Art
GRD00013First Grade Art
GRD00016Second Grade Art
SGRD00019Third Grade Art
SGRD00022Fourth Grade Art
SGRD00025Fifth Grade Art
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(9)
GRD00012Kindergarten Vocal/General Music
GRD00015First Grade Vocal/General Music
GRD00018Second Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00021Third Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00024Fourth Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRD00027Fifth Grade Vocal/General Music
SGRDOR03Third Grade Violin
SGRDOR04Fourth Grade Orchestra
SGRDOR05Fifth Grade Orchestra
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(7)
MAR00007Sixth Grade Art Studio
MAR00008Sixth Grade Design Studio
MAR00009Seventh Grade Art Studio
MAR00010Seventh Grade Design Studio
MAR00011Eighth Grade Art Studio
MAR00012Eighth Grade Design Studio
MAR00013Eighth Grade Art Fundamentals
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(12)
MMU00017Sixth Grade Treble Choir
MMU00019Seventh Grade Treble Choir
MMU00021Eighth Grade Treble Choir
MMU00023Sixth Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00025Seventh Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00027Eighth Grade Mixed Choir
MMU00029Sixth Grade Beginning Band
MMU00031Seventh Grade Cadet Band
MMU00033Eighth Grade Concert Band
MMU00035Sixth Grade Intermediate Orchestra
MMU00037Seventh Grade Cadet Orchestra
MMU00039Eighth Grade Concert Orchestra
collapse Course Category : Theatre Arts ‎(4)
MDR00002Eighth Grade Theatre Arts
MDR00003Seventh Grade Acting and Communication Lab
MSP00001Eighth Grade Introduction to Public Speaking
MSP00002Sixth Grade Introduction to Theatre and Speech
Pacing Guide
collapse Course Category : Art ‎(17)
AR001WG AP Art History
AR004WG AP Art Studio 1
AR006WG AP Art Studio 2
AR025World Art
AR026Art Fundamentals
AR027Drawing 1
AR028Drawing 2
AR029Painting 1
AR030Painting 2
AR031Sculpture 1
AR032Sculpture 2
AR033Graphic Design 1
AR034Graphic Design 2
AR035Ceramics 1
AR036Ceramics 2
AR037Photography 1
AR038Photography 2
collapse Course Category : Music ‎(16)
MU003Guitar 1
MU004Guitar 2
MU009Chamber Orchestra
MU011Concert Band
MU022Jazz Band
MU034Show Choir
MU036Symphonic Band
MU038Symphonic Orchestra
MU048Treble Chorale
MU050Concert Orchestra
MU056Treble Choir
MU058WG AP Music Theory
MU060Concert Chorale
MU062Mixed Chamber Choir
MU064Treble Chamber Choir
MU070Guitar Ensemble
collapse Course Category : Theatre Arts ‎(5)
DR004Studio Theatre
DR005Theatre Design and Technology
DR010Theatre Arts 1: Actor’s Studio
DR011Theatre Arts 2: Theatre Performance & Production
DR012CC Theatre Arts 3: Director’s Studio