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    Content Area
    Social Studies
    Students will learn about the foundations of our national government and federalism. The focus of the course is to instill a knowledge and understanding of how government works in order to prepare students to participate and take informed action as active citizens of our democratic republic. Using an inquiry approach, students will learn about the three branches of government, checks and balances on political power, the role of political parties, and interest groups. Students will also learn how public policy is made, enforced and interpreted. The role of state and local government will also be addressed.
    **This course fulfills the Missouri graduation requirement that students take and pass a course designated as containing the required instruction in federal, state and local government. In order to meet state graduation requirements, all students must pass the test on the United States and Missouri Constitutions.
    Students will take the required Missouri End-of-Course Government Exam.

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Unit Description
USG01Foundations of United States Government
This unit focuses on evolution of American Democracy and the Principles outlined in the Constitution
Students will understand how history has shaped the writing of the Constitution.
This unit focuses on the interaction among the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government.
Students will understand how power is distributed and limited among the three branches of government.
USG03Public Policy
This unit focuses on the relationship between American democratic principles and public policy.
Students will analyze the influence of American democratic principles on economic, domestic, foreign, and international policy.
USG04Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
This unit focuses on the civil rights and liberties provided through the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment and how they are upheld by government institutions.
Students will understand the historical foundations of their civil rights and liberties and apply these concepts to events over time.
USG05Political and Civic Participation
This unit focuses on the involvement of citizens in the political process through political parties, interest groups, voting and elections.
Students will understand how civic participation influences government institutions and the shaping of public policy.
USG06Missouri Government
This unit focuses on the civic values, principles, and shared practices established by the United States and state of Missouri constitutions.
Students will understand citizen influence on policy making and government institutions at the state level.