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Course Code
Content Area
Fifth-grade instruction includes numbers in base ten, numbers and operations in fractions, relationships and algebraic thinking, geometry and measurement, and data and statistics.

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Unit Description
5MA01Whole Numbers
Students will understand that whole numbers can be written in different ways and numbers can be compared and rounded, according to their place value.
5MA02Whole Numbers Multiplication and Division
Students will learn to use the basic functions of a calculator, multiply and divide using patterns and conventional algorithms, simplify numeric expressions using the order of operations, and solve real world problems using multiplication and division.
5MA03Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Students will learn to add and subtract unlike fractions and mixed numbers. Students also learn about the relationships between, fractions, mixed numbers, division expressions, and decimals. Students express division expressions as fractions and mixed numbers, as well as express fractions, division expressions, and mixed numbers as decimals.
5MA04Multiplying and Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers
Students will understand that whole numbers, fractions, and mixed numbers can be multiplied or divided in any combination.
Students will use algebraic expressions to describe situations and solve real-world problems.
Student will understand that thousandths can be represented with three decimal places or as fractions.
5MA07Multiplying and Dividing Decimals
Students will understand that decimals can be multiplied and divided in the same way as whole numbers.
5MA08Graphing and Probability
Students will learn to make and interpret double bar graphs and line plots with fractional units on the number line, read and plot points on a coordinate grid, list all possible combinations for two events, and find and compare experimental and theoretical probabilities.
5MA09Describing and Classifying Polygons
Students will learn two-dimensional figures are classified by their properties, and two-dimensional figures can fit into more than one category. Students will be able to identify and describe properties of two-dimensional figures more precisely.
5MA10Surface Area and Volume
Students will find the surface area of prisms and find the volume of rectangular prisms and liquids in rectangular containers.
5MA11Angles and Properties of Triangles and Quadrilaterals
Students will understand that the sum of angle measures on a line is 180 o , the sum of angle measures at a point is 360 o , and vertical angles have equal measures. Also that properties of geometric figures state relationships among angles or sides of the figures and that triangles and four-sided figures have their own special properties.
Students will understand that base and height are measurements that are used to find the area of a triangle.
Students will compare two numbers or quantities by division and express the comparison as a ratio.
Students will understand percent is another way of expressing a part of a whole and percent means ‘out of 100’.