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Course Code
Content Area
Social Studies
The Challenge World Geography course focuses on the human and physical characteristics of the world, with emphasis on the relationships between humans and their world, and the impact on the establishment and development of societies. The course is organized by the regions of North America, Latin/South America, Southwest Asia, Africa, Asia and Europe. Units include the concepts of government, climate, economics, and culture. Students will develop and independently apply social studies inquiry skills of questioning, gathering and analyzing sources of evidence, communicating information and taking informed action as they analyze issues, evaluate problems and critique solutions. Students will develop skills for analyzing a variety of complex data and text, and social studies writing including arguments. This new understanding of our world will prepare students for our global society and their role as active citizens.

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Unit Description
7CWG1North America
This unit focuses on acquiring the skills associated with geographic concepts, North American geography, and the structure and role of government.
Students will evaluate the levels of government by analyzing the various forms of limited governments.
7CWG2South America/Latin America
This unit uses South/Latin America to focus on economic decision making, economic concepts and systems, types of economies, and trade barriers.
Students will use economic concepts and decision making to determine world trade patterns and understand how human-environment interaction affects where people live.
This unit focuses on Africa and human environmental interactions, standards of living and the factors that affect standards of living.
Students will analyze human environmental interactions and the effect on cultures.
7CWG4Southwest Asia
This unit focuses on Southwest Asia, including the historical, environmental, and cultural changes over time.
Students will analyze relationships between different cultures of Southwest Asia and how they changed over time.
This unit focuses on Asia, with an emphasis on systems of government, and spatial organization of people.
Students will compare different types of government structures while analyzing how people are spatially organized. Students will also analyze the relationship between human-induced environmental changes and spatial patterns of conflict and cooperation.
This unit focuses on Europe and the application of enduring understandings of world geography through an inquiry-based process.
Students will engage in inquiry including the evaluation of sources, application of concepts, and presentation of arguments, including adapting arguments to meet the needs of an audience or venue.