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Course Code
Content Area
Physical Education - Health
Physical Education/Health in the Seventh Grade will provide students the opportunity to learn and practice a variety of fundamental movement skills while participating in various games, team and individual/lifetime sports, as well as team building activities.  Primary focus will be on skill development and application in team sports.  Character education traits will be incorporated throughout the class.  Physical fitness will be emphasized through the teaching of the principles of health and skill-related fitness.  Health topics will be integrated throughout the course and will include nutrition, the cardio-respiratory system, the reproductive system, first aid and personal safety, and alcohol use and abuse, inhalants and other illegal drug use and abuse.

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Unit Description
1Team/Individual Sports and Lifetime Activities
Students will focus on using the fundamental movement skills for a variety of sports and activities, allowing students to participate in and develop an appreciation for physical activity. Students will find opportunities to develop their character through collaboration with peers and general social interactions within the physical education setting. Lead up games will be utilized to help develop skills and define the strategies incorporated with each activity/sport.
Students will focus on using the different components of fitness to improve overall wellness and promote a healthy lifestyle. Fitness will be explored through health and skill related activities, improving movement performance.
Students will focus on their overall character development using the avenue of sports and activities in a variety of settings in physical education. Students will use all opportunities to develop and demonstrate responsible safety and social skills required during class time.
4Rhythm and Dance
Students will focus on demonstrating an understanding of rhythm using a variety of sounds and movements commonly found in various styles of dance. Students will demonstrate their understanding of dance using basic fundamental movements and skills.
5Personal Health and Wellness
Students will focus on the importance of and how to maintain their overall personal health and wellness and how their decision making impacts their lifestyle. The areas of focus  will be stress management, peer relationships and healthy communication, human reproduction, frist aid/CPR, and proper exercise habits.
Students will focus on proper nutrition and how to make healthy food choices and the impact these choices have on overall health and wellbeing.
7Substance Abuse
Students will focus on understanding the negative effects different substances have on their overall health and wellness. They will learn the risk factors associated with substance abuse and the necessary refusal skills needed to avoid such behavior.