The Rockwood School District is dedicated to high levels of student achievement. Our Curriculum Department is focused on student learning, teaching and instruction, and providing a strong academic foundation.
Learn: Our curriculum and academic programs are designed to give students the skills they need in order to prepare them for college and the wo​rkplace. Our goal is to provide a quality education that ensures all students realize their potential.
Teach: Rockwood Curriculum provides a strong framework for our teacher​s to use in classroom instruction. No matter what school or classroom our students attend, they will be taught the same curriculum for grade-level expectations.

Provide: Our work increases the effectiveness of our educational leaders who ensure Rockwood's curriculum and instructional practices e​quip students to thrive in a global society.

Contact Rockwood Curriculum and our ​content facilitators for more information about th​e essential skills being taught in Rockwood classrooms.

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Language Arts
Reading, Writing and Critical Thinking
Rockwood Curriculum Builds Strong Foundation for Students 
by Cathy Orta
 5/8/2017 12:01 PM
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