Development and Maintenance

​​​​​​ Curriculum study and writing is a continuous improvement process. Each curriculum document is reviewed on an annual basis and is revised and updated on a six-year cyc​le via approval of the Rockwood School District Board of Education. Rockwood C​urriculum has developed a writing process that includes the following stages:

  1. Identify desired results: big ideas and skills:
    What should students know, understand, and be able to do? 

  2. Determine acceptable evidence: culminating assessment task:
    How will we know if students have achieved the desired results and met the Rockwood standards?

  3. Plan learning experiences and instruction: learning events
    What is the definition of knowledge, skills and abilities students need to know? 

A guaranteed and viable curriculum (GVC) is one that guarantees equal opportunity for learning for all students. Similarly, it guarantees adequate resources for teachers to teach content and for students to learn it. A guaranteed and viable curriculum is one that guarantees that the curriculum being taught is the curriculum being assessed. It is viable when adequate resources are ensured to teach all determined essential content.

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