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National Core Arts Standards

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​​​​​​The arts have always served as the distinctive vehicle for discovering who we are. Providing ways of thinking as disciplined as science or math and as disparate as philosophy or literature, the arts are used by and have shaped every culture and individual on earth.

The fact that the arts provide important touchstones confirms their value to the development of every human being. Nurturing our children, then, necessarily means that we must provide all of them with a well-rounded education that includes the arts. By doing so, we are fulfilling the college and career readiness needs of our students, laying the foundations for the success of our schools.

Every day, the Fine Arts Department is engaged in making a difference in the lives of students. We teach students to create, produce and perform in the arts.  Students are encouraged to appreciate and critically analyze works of art and understand the context in which they were create. Find out more about fine arts curriculum in Rockwood.

Learn more about the National Core Arts Standards.