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Rockwood Standards

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​​In Rockwood, education is tied to standards designed to prepare students for college, career and citizenship. T​he district is focused o​n a standards-based approach so the teaching/learning models are aligned.

Standards-based curriculum: Standards-based means that curriculum provides a strong framework for classroom instruction. No matter what school or classroom students attend, they will be taught the same curriculum to learn the grade-level expectations. Rockwood’s curriculum is aligned to and exceeds state and national standards.

Standards-based assessment: Standards-based means that students are evaluated to determine if they have met the learning targets established in the curriculum. The criteria is set based on standards so all students will be held to the same rigorous standards for learning.

Standards-based grading: Standards-based means that grades support effective teaching and learning. The grades reflect what a student knows and can do related to curricular objective, and the results are explained clearly to students and parents.