Frequently Asked Questions


​​Students have Chromebooks, but if internet access is an issue, please contact your child's school.
​No. All students who successfully complete the online registration process during the registration window will be given the same priority. However, we do not advise waiting until the last minute to register just in case there are technical difficulties. ​
​If your student does NOT register on time, the counselors will select his/her elective courses based upon class availability, not necessarily your student’s preferences.
​​Yes, the student can drop a music class or challenge class that he/she no longer wishes to take by writing the course(s) on the Course Selection form.  The school counselor will make the change on Infinite Campus to drop the class.

​Participation in the 7th grade band or orchestra program is mandatory in order to participate in the 8th grade and high school programs. In the rare instance that someone has studied privately, they may set up an audition with the instructor and the instrument/appropriate playing level must be approved.  Choir will allow students to join in 8th grade subject to an audition. However, it is highly encouraged that students wishing to sing participate in the 7th grade program as many skills are taught during this year that are needed to be successful in 8th grade choir. Participation in orchestra must begin in elementary school.​​