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Is Online Learning for Me?


I am motivated to learn.

  • I ask lots of questions as I learn.
  • I think a lot about the things I am learning.
  • I make connections between what I am learning and my own interests.
  • I have thought about how taking an online course will help me reach my personal learning goals.

I have independent learning skills.

  • I am comfortable learning in an environment where learners take responsibility for their own learning processes.
  • I am comfortable waiting for up to 24 hours for responses from my teacher and classmates.
  • I am able to devote extended time at each sitting (60 minutes or more at a time) to complete online coursework.
  • I am able to devote 5-15 hours of time each week to my online learning.
  • I can prepare and study for exams on my own.
  • I am not a procrastinator.

I have good communication skills.

  • I regularly reach out to my teachers when I need help.
  • I am comfortable communicating with my teacher online through emails and messages versus regular face-to-face contact.
  • I am an average to above average reader.

I am organized.

  • I do most of my assignments without adults having to remind me.
  • I manage my time well.
  • I pay attention to deadlines.
  • I make a plan when I have lots of things to do so I can get it all completed.
  • I am good at setting goals and keeping them.

I have basic technical skills.

  • I can use basic word processing software.
  • I can upload and download documents.
  • I read directions and view all of the information provided to me before clicking or contacting the teacher for help.

I know how to create a good study environment.

  • When I am working on my online courses, I can avoid my cell phone and opening other browsers so I don’t get distracted.
  • I am persistent and work through problems without getting easily frustrated.
  • I can find a quiet, well-lit space to do my online coursework.

I am a problem-solver.

  • If I face a technical issue and have a deadline to meet, I can find another way to get my work done.
    • Ex. If the internet goes out at my house, I will go to a library, a neighbor’s or friend’s house.
    • Ex. If my computer crashes, I will reach out to a friend or neighbor to borrow a device.
  • I keep trying when I am faced with challenges.
  • I have a back-up plan if something happens to my computer or my schedule suddenly changes.

I understand practice basic online netiquette.

  • I consistently use online tools in positive ways.
  • I think through ideas presented before I respond online.
  • I read through the messages and posts I make to be sure they sound kind and positive before I send them.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Students who have been enrolled in a MO public school full time, on campus for at least the semester prior to enrollment are able to access online learning opportunities within their full-time school schedule. Students may choose from the courses listed on the Rockwood website.

To begin the enrollment process, students must first schedule a meeting with their guidance counselor. They will discuss online options and determine whether online learning is a good fit. Students may take online as part of their full schedule (up to 7 hours total seated and online).

Students are expected to complete coursework within the deadlines outlined in the coursework.​

​Students in grades K-12 who have attended a MO public school for at least the semester prior to enrollment are eligible to enroll in online coursework.​​​

​There are many reasons why students choose to take an online course. Some like the flexibility it provides in their schedule to complete work at their own pace. Others choose online to avoid a schedule conflict or accommodate personal challenges.​

​The full list of courses available to students can be found on our Rockwood Online website​.​​

​Students wishing to enroll in online coursework need to schedule an appointment with their counselor.  The counselor will provide options and help students determine whether online learning is a good fit for them.​​

​Online enrollment will take place during the regularly scheduled enrollment periods.
​There are several things to consider​ before students take an online course. 

​Each student will be assigned an online teacher who is certified in Missouri to teach the course. In addition, each building will provide a mentor who will communicate with your child regularly to motivate, monitor progress, and support your student as they learn online.​​​

​Rockwood teachers built the majority of the online coursework provided to students. They also teach the majority of the online courses Rockwood students take. Courses are developed using best practices in online learning and Quality Matters guidelines. The Canvas learning management system is used to ensure that courses are organized and user-friendly. ​​