Frequently Asked Questions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that address report cards issues on  Infinite C​ampus.  If you have additional questions regarding campus portal, please contact your school principal. 

Learn more abou​t report cards and how they will ​be shared each quarter in pre​paration for Parent-Teacher conferences. ​​

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What should I do if I forgot my password or user name? View Answer

    ​Send an email with the following information to

    Student:Include your name and the last 4-digits of the student ID

    Parent: Include your name, Campus Portal User Name, address and student name(s).​

  • Q: Can I view the report card on the mobile app? View Answer

    Reports are not available on the Mobile Portal (report cards, progress reports, transcripts).​

  • Q: Where do I find the report card? View Answer

    Select the student and, then, select the Reports option from the navigation menu at left. Click the report name to view or print.

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  • Q: What should I do if my account has been disabled? View Answer

    ​​If an account disabled message displays, include the following information in an email request for account reset to

    Student: Include your name and the last 4-digits of student ID

    Parent: Include your name, Campus Portal user name, address, and student name(s).

  • Q: How do I view secondary and elementary student accounts? View Answer

    Click the “Select a Student” button at the top of the Portal homepage. This will allow the viewing of additional accounts.


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  • Shelley Willott

    Executive Director Learning and Support Services
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